ALEO Custom LED Light Engines

Custom LED Light Solutions

ALEO Electrical Engineering


Our skilled electrical engineering team combines the most dependable AC/DC power supply units and embedded systems with a variety of cutting-edge tools for hardware and firmware development to create high-current, industry-standard LED drivers and high-end controllers.

ALEO Thermal Engineering


Utilizing our thermal engineering capabilities, such as thermal simulation, our team designs, analyzes and optimizes the thermal management of the light engine to enhance overall performance. Managing the dissipation of high-power UV light engines is crucial to ensuring high optical output and system life.

ALEO Electrical Engineering


Our excellence in design and mechanical engineering differentiates us from competition. Utilizing an Iterative Design Process approach with supporting industry-standard design software, concepts are created, modeled, and developed into state-of-the-art solutions. 

ALEO Application Engineering


Our application engineering team collaborate closely with customers to provide guidance with product and process design, testing and evaluation, and ensure that the final solution meets the necessary specifications and performance standards of the application.     

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