ALEO Light Engines

Standard LED Light Engines

High-power UV LED Light Engines

ALEO offers a standard line of high-power UV LED light engines that can be easily integrated into systems and provide high intensity, excellent uniformity, and a long lifetime. These light engines can be used in many applications, such as in curing chemistry for electronics, medical devices, 3D printing, and much more. In addition, our standard light engines can be configured with add-ons such as optional heat sinks, heat bridges, and axial fans for increased performance.

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ALEO Capabilities


ALEO has the capabilities to develop custom LED solutions that fit your needs. We utilize our expertise in optical, electrical, thermal, and mechanical engineering to develop solutions that meet the specific requirements of your application. By working closely alongside customers, we provide support with your LED technology journey.

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ALEO light engines and LED solutions are designed to integrate and improve upon systems and processes in these industries.

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3D Printing

ALEO light engines are ideal for UV LED systems used in the post-curing of 3D printed parts. Our high-quality optics enable UV LED curing systems to cure resins quickly and efficiently, resulting in stronger, more durable 3D printed parts.


By integrating them into UV LED systems, ALEO light engines can be used for critical applications in medical device manufacturing and medical instrument sterilization. 

Electronics Manufacturing

ALEO provides LED solutions for light-curing systems used in electronics manufacturing. Our LEDs offer fast and effective curing times for UV curable coatings, potting, and ruggedization.

Industrial Coatings

ALEO UV LED light engines provide effective curing solutions for industrial coating applications, resulting in quick and precise cures.


ALEO offers UVC LED light engines for sterilization and disinfection applications. These UVC light engines can be utilized in a variety of environments as they function to remove hazardous germs.